Be the fevicol of your industry. The 5 ultimate marketing and branding hacks you will ever need!

You are in school and it’s your favorite Arts & Craft period that is going on. The teacher has made small groups of 3 work on a project together. You follow the instructions properly and suddenly you reach a point wherein you ask your classmate “Ae fevicol dena”. The classmate hands it out to you and you continue on completing the project together.

What happened here though? Why didn’t I ask by saying “Glue de” instead of “Fevicol de”? Did you realize it? Of course not, you were too young to understand it back then. But now, if we look back, we realize Fevicol acquired a massive space in our heads well before we even understood what marketing and branding were! Thanks to their brilliantly executed brand campaigns.

And it’s still the case! We still look for “Fevicol” at our homes for any sort of pasting job. That’s the impact Marketing and Branding has on us. And the facts justify the same. Apparently, Fevicol has roughly 70% of the market share in the adhesive market. That means, 7 of every 10 people use Fevicol to paste things! Amazing isn’t it?

Yes, marketing campaigns need a lot of creativity. But it’s more about Science. The science of understanding the needs of a person. The needs of the market.

This article will make us understand a lot about the fundamentals of Marketing, the difference between traditional and digital marketing, the CATT marketing funnel, Integrated digital marketing, and the MassTrust blueprint.

If you’re a Marketer or an aspiring Marketer, this is the ultimate go-to resource to understand the Science of Marketing and Brand Building. If you want to stay an average marketer getting average results for their efforts, I’d suggest not read this article till the end.

  1. Fundamentals of Marketing: As we discussed earlier, Marketing is based more on Science and not on the Creativity of ad campaigns. Marketing starts even before creating a product.It understands the market’s needs first and then creates a product that actually fits the need of the market.It also focuses a lot on sending the right communication to the right person at the right time.

    For eg. If a person wants to purchase a bike, would it make sense to pitch a minivan to him? No right? The aim of marketing is to understand a person’s need so well that the product/service that you have fits perfectly and it sells itself.

  2. Traditional vs Digital Marketing: Think about a product that is very generic.A product that can be used by anyone and everyone. What comes to mind?You used it just a few moments back to scroll through your feed/click a picture/do some calculations etc.

    That’s right! A mobile phone!

    That’s what traditional marketing techniques such as TV ads, newspaper ads, hoardings, radio can be used for. All these mediums have a massive reach.

    So if you want to reach the maximum audience then traditional marketing techniques are the best. Mind you, the product has to be very generic such as mobile/TV, etc. as these are used by anyone and everyone.Where to use Digital Marketing techniques then? Digital Marketing techniques are used to reach a very specific set of audience.

    For example, say I am promoting baby food products on my website. Then I would only want to promote my products only to moms or couples who have just become parents. So basically it’s a very narrowed down targeting to only a specific set of audiences.

    Digital Marketing helps you measure your marketing results in a better fashion.

    You get to understand your ROI on a very accurate basis as you’re targeting only a specific set of audiences and the impact that your campaign has on each of them can be tracked easily.

    The opposite is the case with Traditional Marketing.

    As the campaigns are run on a massive scale and on mediums such as TV, radio, newspaper, you just cannot accurately determine the impact your campaign has had on sales as there are no tools to measure the same on these channels.

  3. The CATT Marketing Funnel: One of the most important topics you’ll learn in Marketing today! So let’s get this straight.For any particular business you do, the end goal is to generate wealth for yourself. Right? Now more the wealth, the better. (Obviously).But how can we understand what will help us make the maximum wealth through our marketing efforts? That’s when the CATT marketing funnel comes into the picture.This is what it says: Wealth = n^CATT

    Where n = Niche; your success & wealth depends on the niche you choose
    C = Content; which attracts people from your niche. (Blogs, videos, webinars, etc.)
    A = Attention; Drive traffic to your content via SEO, Social Media, Ads, Referrals, etc.
    T = Trust; Build trust with your audience with marketing automation & retargeting. Make your communications very personal using retargeting
    T = Transaction; Convert leads to customers with natural sales methods, i.e. the sales happen naturally.


    So, let’s say you have Vegan food products as your niche. So, you’d have to create content that is vegan centric, be it via blogs, videos, etc.

    You’d have to drive traffic (attention) to your content via various techniques of SEO, Social Media, etc.

    Once that happens, you’d be able to analyze your audience and see which segment out of your target audience got interested in your content, and accordingly, you can retarget them with more personalized marketing efforts to build trust.

    And finally, this entire funnel leads to the final transaction of getting the sales done.

    The wealth that you generate from the niche would be the power of the multiplication of all the above-mentioned factors, i.e. n^CATT. The better your efforts in the CATT stages, the higher your chances of success!

  4. The Integrated Digital Marketing Framework: While CATT is the framework through which the user passes through, the integrated digital marketing framework has the exact steps which are required to follow the attain maximum profitability.Let’s understand the same in more detail with the figure down below: Integrated_Digital_MarketingAt the heart of the framework is Content. Just absorb the fact that content is king, content is the heart and soul of all your marketing efforts. Period.Many people use paid ads, emails, etc. aggressively to sell their products/services, without any sort of nurturing. Basically, you are pushing the user directly to the transaction (T) phase of the CATT. And that is the reason why they fail miserably.Instead, what you’re supposed to do is, bring the user to your Content (blogs), via paid ads. Once the user enters your blog and finds your information useful, there is a very good chance that he/she will subscribe to your newsletter/email list. So basically you have now pushed your user to the 2nd phase that is the Attention (A) phase and have grabbed their attention successfully and the experience is much more natural because you’re not making the user feel that you’re trying to sell anything to them.

    Now to build more trust, you can retarget them via Social Media and Email Marketing via personalized marketing communications depending upon the kind of activity they have done on your platform. So, you’re now able to garner more and more trust, making it really easy for them to enter the transaction phase.

    Finally, we can see that all the channels that you’re using in the above-mentioned figure, work perfectly in sync and selling becomes very natural & superfluous and your product/service sells itself! Magical isn’t it?

  5. The MassTrust Blueprint (The evolution of Personal Branding):In today’s date, personal branding is more important than ever. With more and more adoption of mobile phones and other digital devices, people are now aware of things, people and businesses more than ever.So, even if you are the best at something, people won’t come to know about it unless you communicate the same to them.

    That’s where you as a person or a personal brand plays the most important role. People do not communicate or talk to a logo of a company. They communicate with people.Try it out yourself.

    Send an email to 10 people with the same subject line and email body through your personal email account and your company email account and just measure how many responses you get on each. You will find your answer. πŸ™‚

    But, to make a personal brand, the very first step is to LEARN a skill. Be it anything. Be it cooking, singing, digital marketing, etc. Once you learn a skill, is when you will be able to talk about it to the people you intend to communicate to.

    Once you have got a little bit of expertise in the skill which you have learned, you need to become even more pro at it. And the best way to do this is to WORK on it. Work can be working for a company/ working as a freelancer. The learning you will get through this would be invaluable as you would be getting a real-life practical experience of the usage of your skills.

    Now since you have even more expertise on the skill, you will be extremely confident to talk about it to the people.

    That’s when you can start blogging about it and let people know the tips and tricks of the skill that you’re a master in.

    The more practical you make it sound, the more people would find you legit and remember you the next time they come across a situation wherein the usage of your skill is required.

    Your journey of personal branding has just begun! πŸ™‚

    You can also drive more traffic to your website by using a host of different techniques which can be learned from this article.

    Now, it’s a very good time to actually start consulting people/ companies with the skillset you have. Let’s say you’re a master at SEO, so you can now start consulting small businesses/startups/companies.

    You’re also bound to receive inbound leads as well, as you have already started spreading the word regarding the skillset you have via valuable blogs and social media posts.

    As and when time passes by, you’re bound to get even better at your skillset. It’s like a muscle. The more you use and work it, the stronger it’ll get, and you get to flex it! πŸ˜‰

    That’s when scaling will happen.

    When you reach a point wherein you’re able to get multiple opportunities, you can start conducting workshops, boot camps, digital trainings, etc., and become a digital mentorΒ for tens and hundreds of people at a time.

    What better feeling than starting your own startup now?

    You have ground yourself through the entire process of learning, working, blogging, consulting, and mentoring.

    Why not create a company out of it after all the hard work you have done?

    Throughout this entire process, in each step, you have built your personal brand. People believe you. People find you valuable. People would love to work for you. You have gained the trust of hundreds of people.

    And hence you have successfully completed the entire circle of Personal Branding and you can leverage your personal brand to promote your business/company that you want to create.

    When you associate yourself with a company that you create, your company would have no difficulties in acquiring a customer because people already trust your personal brand! πŸ™‚

    And hence, we call this circle of Personal Branding as The MassTrust Blueprint! πŸ™‚
    Mind you, the process never ends. As and when time passes by, there would be new techniques that would emerge in the market and you would have to be abreast of the ones relevant to your business. You would still have to continue to learn, work, blog, consult, mentor, and startup as and when new things come up! πŸ™‚

    I hope these Marketing and Branding concepts made sense to you. Apply them in real life and become the Fevicol of your industry! Any questions, please feel free to comment on this post. Glad to help, always! πŸ™‚

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