8 mind-blowing tips to sell anything to anyone!

A lot of people google on how to sell anything. And that too being in the sales field themselves!

And that’s perfectly alright! I myself do the same. The learning curve just cannot stop.

I am a hardcore sales and marketing guy and each sale or a great promotion campaign gives me a kick like it’s the first one I ever made!

That’s the most amazing part about being in sales and marketing. Each day you get the feeling of excitement closing that one client you have been chasing for quite some time and she/he finally gets onboard!

You reach a point wherein you get a sense of confidence that you can sell anything to anyone!

But how to keep on getting the numbers on a regular and consistent basis?

From my experience of selling high-end e-learning programmes, I have summarised my entire sales cycle in the following 8 points.

And mind you, these 8 tips have actually led me to win multiple star performer awards! Here we go:

Understanding the buyer persona

Understanding buyer persona means that you create a fictional character in your mind as to who would be your ideal customer. You understand their likes, dislikes, pain points, their aspirations, and problems they want to get solved.

Once you have understood your buyer persona, you would exactly be able to provide a product or service that specifically solves their particular problem.

You can create your buyer persona by taking surveys from the existing leads in your system or by doing profiling when the user registers on your website by asking questions such as their educational background, number of years of experience, their objective, etc.

For new startups, who are yet to have systems in place, you can simply float a google form in your contact sphere or your contacts who can be your ideal customers. You can have similar questions in place as I mentioned above.

Take a good time to speak

A lot of people do the mistake of directly calling the prospect without asking for an appropriate time to speak about your product/service. The person doesn’t know you and you do not have any sort of rapport built up with them.

So, by asking them a good time to speak on an email or asking them to set up a calendar on calendly, you can give them the freedom to choose a time which they prefer.

This also leaves a good first impression that you’re very professional with your work.

Not taking nothing for an answer

Even if the person doesn’t reply to your email, probably they didn’t see your email or plainly ignored it, it shouldn’t bother you much.

You can now try calling them once, and if they pick up the call, you can start off by saying

Hello XYZ, this is Pawan from ABC Corp, would this be a good time to speak to you?

If yes,

Perfect! I actually received your inquiry regarding a product you were interested in on our website. Have you found out all the details of the same?” Then the conversation goes on.

If no,

Ah, I apologize for catching you at the wrong time. What would be a good time and day this week to speak to you?

Note: By asking for a good time this week, you’re actually boxing them to fix a day for the same week itself, and not letting them give you something vague such as “call me sometime next week“.

If the person doesn’t answer your call at all, then you can drop an email with the subject “Tried reaching you” and explain to them you tried calling and ask for a good time and day to speak again.

You can also try dropping a WhatsApp/iMessage in a very professional manner.

Do a background check

How do you sell stuff if you do not know who you are selling it to? Doing a thorough background check is absolutely vital.

Once on a call/meeting with the person, ask them questions such as what they do, what is their background, who do they work for, and most importantly what’s their objective behind inquiring about your product/service.

Knowing your customers is one of the vital sales skills that you can have!

Summarize your conversation

Once the call/meeting is done, you must send an email to the person on the same day itself summarising the entire conversation that you had.

You highlight your key product features and how it fulfills the specific need that they have.

You can attach collaterals such as a brochure in the email.

This email will make sure that the person has something to refer to the product/service that you provide.

Keep them engaged

Let’s say once the conversation is done, they give you a follow-up date of say 2 weeks or 3 weeks later and mention that they need some time to think about it.

What you can now do is, keep them engaged by sending them content such as blog articles, customer testimonials, videos, tips, and tricks about the industries every 3-4 days.

Do not let them forget you. Keeping them engaged is what makes a good salesperson even better!


There would be times when even after doing all the right things, you might not get the sale. The key here is to be persistent enough and be thick-skinned and that’s a responsibility of a salesman.

If you have followed the above-mentioned steps, there is a high chance that you have made a very good impression on the prospect and have bettered your chances of conversion.

Even if it doesn’t, with constant valuable content via emails, you can be present in the back of their minds and once they’re ready, they themselves will get in touch with you!

After-sales communications

Even after I made the sale, I did not use to end my relationship with the buyer there. What I used to do was get in touch with them via emails asking them how were things going around, how they’re liking the programme, and if they have any feedback for us.

I also used to wish them on Birthdays and festivals which again used to enhance their bond with me.

You can also watch the video of this post here:

I  hope I was able to explain these 8 tips on how to sell anything in a good manner.

If you have any questions or want some consultation on sales (free of cost), please feel free to comment down below.

It would be my pleasure to help you out on the same.

I want you to be able to sell anything to anybody!


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