Top 9 money earning apps in India


Top 9 money earning apps in India With rising awareness of online entrepreneurship due to ease of access to the internet, more and more people are looking for ways to earn money online and one of the easiest ways to do it is to install money earning apps on your phones. This article will showcase … Read more

Top 5 digital marketing courses in India


The top 5 digital marketing courses in India With the ever-increasing dependency of things over the internet because of the corona-virus pandemic, there has been a steep rise in learning new skills online. One such skill that has become highly popular is Digital Marketing. Fun fact about the industry: For each dollar spent on Google … Read more

Digital Deepak took money from me for an Internship!

Digital Deepak Internship Review

Why would anyone take money for an Internship? Especially someone like Digital Deepak who himself is a brand in the Digital Marketing space! It’s something that has never been done by anyone. And,¬†one will pay money to enroll in the program but still will not be paying any money. i.e. the program is technically free! … Read more

Be the fevicol of your industry. The 5 ultimate marketing and branding hacks you will ever need!


You are in school and it’s your favorite Arts & Craft period that is going on. The teacher has made small groups of 3 work on a project together. You follow the instructions properly and suddenly you reach a point wherein you ask your classmate “Ae fevicol dena”. The classmate hands it out to you … Read more