Digital Deepak took money from me for an Internship!

Why would anyone take money for an Internship? Especially someone like Digital Deepak who himself is a brand in the Digital Marketing space!

It’s something that has never been done by anyone. And, one will pay money to enroll in the program but still will not be paying any money. i.e. the program is technically free!

What am I even talking about?

Read this blog along and you will understand!

1. Structure of the Digital Deepak Internship:

Each batch of the Digital Deepak Internship program is divided into a coursework of 16 weeks. i.e. you will be taught a particular topic every week and be given an assignment subsequently which you would have to complete in a span of 7 days.

So, basically, 1 week = 1 topic explanation video + 1 assignment.

Before all of this even begins, you start off with having the right mindset.

The right mindset not only just applies to the internship program, but also, anything you want to do or achieve in life.

It’s like nurturing your brain to have the right set of thoughts to get working on anything.

You’ll be made to identify yourself, your thoughts, the objective truths in life, the ideal state of mind to have, and identifying the type of personality you have.

All of these are extremely important and to be identified with because these will set up a foundation stone for anything you want to do.

Post week 1, you will be taught the fundamentals of marketing. A lot of people obsess a lot on Social Media and think that it is Marketing, which actually is not the case.

Even I used to think that if you nail Social Media, you’re all set.

DD makes sure that you have your marketing fundamentals right and then move further. Remember, before you become a Digital Marketer, you have to be a Marketer first.

Digital is just a medium!

Post week 2, the internship then shifts towards the core digital concepts like identifying your niche, your competitors, their content strategy, blog creation, lead generation, lead magnets, etc.

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2. What’s your objective?

The Digital Deepak Internship also makes you discover what your objective is to achieve from the program.

From what I have noticed, people here have come for the following major objectives:

  1. Find a job
  2. Start off as a freelancer
  3. Set up your own digital marketing agency
  4. Enhance your business

Each and every assignment is supposed to be solved keeping your objective in mind and then work on it.

For example, I am creating content for my Vegan food blog and want to turn it into a business selling vegan food products.

So each and every assignment that I solve, I have my objective pretty much in place.

This makes designing my entire content strategy really simple and streamlined.

3. What have I learned so far?

The most important thing to start off with. Discovering your niche!

Before joining the Digital Deepak Internship program, things were pretty hazy in my mind.

I wanted to do something in the food domain, however, wasn’t quite sure as to what things to particularly do in the food sector.

That’s when Discovering your profitable niche module which is the 3rd module of the program exactly guided me and helped me finalize on the Vegan food products as a niche.

Next, I learned some mind-blowing concepts about marketing that I had never ever heard in my life!

For example, the CATT framework: The CATT framework is something  Digital Deepak has personally built. It’s a brilliant concept and what it tries to say is that the profitability of your niche is equal to n^CATT


C = Content

A = Attention

T = Trust

T = Transaction

If you’d like to read in more detail about the concept, please go to this article and jump onto point no.3.

Blog website creation and enhancements: My vegan food blog is literally the result of one of the assignments in the internship.

Week 4 of the internship literally compels you to create your own blog website which gives you insane knowledge about blogging and blog creation in general!

After going through module 4, I realized that I had so many mistakes in the past. The blog you’re reading right now, is way better than it used to be before I joined the internship!

Importance of tribe building: As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people obsess like anything on just building their Social Media following. Yes, it is good to have your social media presence, but in the long term, it’s not profitable.

How is that possible?

See, the thing with all the social media platforms out there is that as and when the popularity of a platform increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to get a good reach on your posts and increase your following.

Eventually, your account will reach a point wherein no matter how good a content piece you upload, you just won’t get the reach that you desire.

Basically, the popularity of the platform is inversely proportional to the reach you will get.

Not to forget, that these platforms also have the right to shut down your account whenever they want in case you violate their policies (even unintentionally).

So, what’s the best approach to tackle this?

That’s when again a framework developed by DD comes into the picture.

The Content Empire Blueprint:

The Content Empire Blueprint (eBook) - Internet & Technology News

There are 3 main components of this blueprint. Your blog, your courses, your tribe.

What the blueprint says, in short, is that your blog has to be the center of all your digital creation activities.

Whatever you learn, you want to share with the world, has to be on your blog. That’s how people will discover you. That’s how people will associate you with your niche.

Your tribe is where people who have similar thinking, liking will reside. They will follow you and associate with you and even travel hundreds of miles just to meet you!

In general, blogs mostly have free content however, if you have courses in your niche, you will actually be able to derive a lot of profits out of it which in turn can fund your paid traffic and other paid digital marketing activities.

Hence, creating your own universe is the only way to be profitable in your niche.

I have explained this concept in a very concise manner over here as I do not want to spoil the joy of learning it from Digital Deepak himself should you decide to join the internship program.

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If you still want to go ahead and read more in detail about the Content Empire Blueprint concept, you can do so here.

Conducted my first ever webinar!

Because of the program, I actually got a chance to conduct a webinar with Mrs. Anjali Thadani, founder – Evergreen Fit Food, who is into health food space and has served celebrities such as Remo D’Souza, Huma Qureshi, Zoya Akhtar, to name a few.

The topic was on why Vegan food products are making so much noise in the market.

It was my first ever webinar and I was so delighted with the kind of positive feedback that I got! One hell of an experience. All thanks to DD!

4. More than just a course!

If you would ask me for a Digital Deepak Internship review, I would say it’s more than just a course!

There are a host of reasons to it as we understood until now. Let me highlight some more.

The payout structure: At the start of this blog, I mentioned that the internship is technically free. Let’s talk about it in detail now.

The reason why DD takes an amount as a deposit to join the program is that he genuinely wants people to learn and complete the entire curriculum.

FYI, the completion rate of most of the online courses is just about 15-20%, which means if one subscribes themselves in a 10-hour course, they just watch 1.5-2 hrs of content and then drop out.

What DD in our case is doing is, he takes an amount upfront to join the program, and then the entire amount is split into 16 parts (for 16 weeks of the curriculum).

Confused? Let me throw some more light.

Every week you complete an assignment, you get cashback for that particular week. This means, once you submit a particular week’s assignment, it goes for review, and on approval, you get cashback for that particular week directly in your bank account!

And if you do not submit any particular week’s assignment, you lose out on that week’s cashback!

So basically you have a stick behind your back to learn, apply things in practice, and bring stuff to reality to get your money back!

If you complete all 16 assignments, you get your entire money back! Hence, it is technically free to get such highly valuable, practical, and life-changing content!

Mind you, the approval rate of assignments is 100%.

If you do not do the assignment right, you will be given some feedback on it, asked to resubmit, and then again on approval, you will get your money back. 🙂

Now, do you know what is the completion rate of the DD internship program because of this unique payout model? A whopping 80%+

How cool is that?!

No one has been able to achieve that until yet!

Getting out of your comfort zone: Nothing worth having comes from your comfort zone. This is the aptest saying that I can relate to right now.

Had it not been for the internship, I would have never conducted a webinar, not until at least I felt that I have gained a lot of knowledge in my domain or gained a lot of expertise.

All that matters is taking the first step. Even after having limited knowledge, I was able to pull the webinar in a very smooth fashion and people genuinely appreciated the content.

Taking the step is the most difficult part and that’s what the internship teaches you. It teaches you to  not have 2 thoughts about anything, pushes you to get your hands dirty and just do it!

Weekly calls: DD has got an amazing support team and every Tuesday we have our assignment explanation and doubt solving sessions wherein we can completely understand what the week’s assignment is all about.

This ensures that even if there are the smallest of doubts, they get solved right there in the live session!

You can even post your questions before hand before the doubt solving session commences.

A community of like-minded people: 

Once you enter the program, you will be a part of a group discussion that happens on Telegram.

You will notice that each and every individual who is a part of the program has a strong desire to achieve something, make it big and help others as well while doing so!

You put any sort of question in the group, there would be someone or the other to answer your query.

And it’s not just the group mentors from the DD team. Your fellow batchmates as well put in genuine efforts to help you out in any way possible.

There’s constant support and motivation that everyone gives each other throughout and overall you will find tremendous amounts of positive energy within the batch!

5. Opportunities

As I mentioned earlier, people come here for various objectives like seeking a job, find freelancing projects, etc.

Within the first 7 weeks itself, at least 3-4 people have got job offers.

It’s not that there’s a placement mechanism that runs as an add-on to the internship. Even without that, people have applied for jobs themselves and have got great offers!

All of this has been possible for the people because of the mere fact that they have exposure to actual hands-on experience and not just mere theoretical knowledge which is actually useless!

I also came to know that a couple of students also got freelancing projects from companies based overseas for handling their digital marketing initiatives.

What most people lack is a proper direction.

With the Digital Deepak Internship, people exactly get that.

People get a proper direction and a path to make it big in the field of marketing.

Deepak Kanakaraju himself has been there and done that and which is the exact reason why he is able to guide his students so well and they are able to derive maximum benefits out of it!

Another amazing fact is that Deepak also absorbs interns and gives them job offers in his own company PixelTrack depending on their performance in the internship.

His team is constantly expanding and I’m sure he will hire more interns in his company!

What’s next?


That’s what is next.

As Deepak says, Digital Marketing is not just a skill. It is a life skill which is just as important as swimming or cooking for that matter!

I have not even talked about Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, Email Automation, Affiliate Marketing yet!

Knowing these skills is like having a superpower!

There are about 4.5 billion users on the internet. The average cost per click of a google ad is 1-2$. Some bids go as high as 50$ per click! Imagine how big is the industry! You can do the math!

People spend tons and tons of money on google ads, FB ads, etc.

If you have the practical knowledge to execute these, imagine the superpower that you have!

Just market yourself and build your personal brand up strongly and just see the magic.

Mind you, personal branding too is a dedicated topic in the program! 🙂

Each and every week of the internship is designed in such a way that whatever you learn in the current week directly helps you to execute the subsequent week’s tasks.

This is what my Digital Deepak Internship review is!

Hands-on. Insanely practical. Life-changing. 

If all of these things motivates you and makes you want to be a part of the internship too, you can apply through this link.

Or you can  register for the launch webinar

register for digital deepak internship

Once you submit the form, your application goes under review.

Once approved, you would be invited to a launch webinar wherein you’ll be explained the entire flow of the program.

As simple as that.

So, if you want to make it big in the field of Digital Marketing, this is the ultimate way to do so. Blindly trust me on that.

You won’t regret it for sure.

P.S. If you have any questions, I am here to help. Comment down below and if you would like to get on a call with me in case of any questions, let me know in the comments!

Let’s grow together! 🙂

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