Digital Marketing salary in India – Breakdown of top 7 Digital Marketing profiles

If you’re looking to establish a career in this field, you might have the question what is the digital marketing salary in India.

According to statistics, approximately 259 million people were using the internet in 2015 in India, in 2017, it rose to 331 million and it is estimated that the number would almost be double of what it was in 2015!

This has been one of the primary factors why digital marketers are in huge demand not only in India but across the globe.

With the rise in demand, digital marketing has become one of the most lucrative and exciting fields to work in.

Let’s find out what is the average digital marketing salary in India.

The average digital marketing salary in India is 4 Lacs per annum.


Source: Glassdoor

However, this is just the average.

The salary largely depends on the number of years of experience you have, the kind of projects you have taken in the past, and also, what particular specialization you have in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing profiles

Being a T-shaped marketer is a great thing and can certainly have a positive impact on your digital marketing job salary, however, in big companies, there are high chances that their digital marketing team would have different profiles for specific tasks.

For example, there would be a separate person handling SEO, a different person for paid ads, and so on.

Let us now bifurcate some of the highest paying digital marketing jobs in India.


Content Marketing Manager

The content marketing manager’s job involves continuous research and development of new content that can enhance site visits, brand awareness, and at the end of the day, enhancing conversion goals.

While a fresher in content marketing would draw a salary of anything between 2,20,000 to 4,00,000 Rs. per annum, the median of an experienced content manager salary would tell a different story.

An experienced content marketing manager with 4-6 years of experience would draw an average digital marketing salary of 10,41,000 per annum. 


Source: Glassdoor

E-commerce Manager

Discussing digital marketing salary in India, we cannot help but pay attention to this lucrative profile of handling eCommerce operations of a brand.

With the increased adoption of online shopping because of the covid-19 situation, there has been a steep rise in the demand of eCommerce managers in the job market.

Their responsibilities include optimizing product pages, create landing pages for conversions, driving conversion-optimized ads on social media and search engines.

While a newbie in eCommerce would earn anything between 3,00,000 to 3,50,000 Rs. per annum, the range would only go north with the number of years of experience.

As we take 4-6 years as a standard for an experienced individual in any profile, the digital marketing income in India for an experienced eCommerce manager would be around 9,87,000 Rs. per annum.


Source: Glassdoor

Digital Marketing Manager salary

Digital marketing managers are amongst the highest receivers of digital marketing salary in India.

The profile involves handling a lot of responsibilities and that comes only with experience.

Their core responsibilities involve handling functions of the DM team such as SEO, SEM, Email marketing, and Social media.

The average base salary of a Digital Marketer with 4-8 years of experience is 8,28,000 per annum.

With more experience and performance, this is bound to go on the higher side.


Source: Payscale

Email Marketing Manager

The responsibilities of an email marketing manager involve reaching customers through email to let them know about the company’s products, services, and events, creating targeted email campaigns, list building, nurturing, and bringing them to the bottom of the funnel.

An experienced email marketing manager with 4-6 years of experience would earn around 5,95,000 Rs. per annum on an average.


Source: Glassdoor

Social Media Marketing manager

The discussion just can’t be complete without knowing social media marketing salary in India.

Social media marketing involves all the activities responsible for increasing the brand awareness of a company on social media platforms.

If done correctly, the social media marketing efforts can directly lead to increased website visits and increased conversion rates.

Companies would always prefer an individual who can increase their conversions, and social media has always proven to be pivotal in achieving so.

An average social media manager in India with experience would earn anything between 4,50,000 to 5,00,000 Rs. per annum.

The salary of a fresher would range between 2,20,000 to 2,60,000 Rs. Per annum.

This is yet another lucrative profile because social media is the face of a brand. If done correctly, it can skyrocket anyone’s career managing the vertical!


Source: Glassdoor

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO activities involve activities such as keyword research, understanding search engine query data, link building, content planning, etc. so as to rank the website’s content higher in the search engines.

A lot of SEO managers take pride in handling the profile because they are involved in bringing in traffic to the website organically i.e. without any sort of paid advertisements on search engines or social media.

A fresher just out of college or very little experience might grab an annual package of anything between 1,60,000 to 2,20,000 Rs.

An experienced individual with 3-5 years of experience in SEO would be able to grab an annual package of 4,83,000 Rs. 


Source: Glassdoor

Pay Per Click (PPC) Manager

We have discussed almost the majority of the profiles in our discussion of digital marketing salary in India.

Their responsibilities involve forming effective paid search strategies, launch + optimize various PPC campaigns, keyword selection, audience targeting, and monitor budgets and adjust bids to bring in maximum ROI.

The average annual salary of a PPC manager in India is around 4,80,000 Rs. 


Source: Payscale

To summarize:


Freelance opportunities

While getting a digital marketing job at your dream company is something everyone would desire, we certainly haven’t discussed digital marketing freelancing income.

As we talked about it earlier, covid-19 has paved the way for a lot of new opportunities to earn money.

One of them is to earn money from digital marketing freelancing.

A lot of small companies that cannot afford to have a full-time employee prefer hiring a freelancer to get their job done.

On average, content writers charge 2-5 Rs. per word for a 1000 word article.

Let’s say you charge a minimum of 2 Rs. per word for a 1000 word article, you would earn around 2000 Rs. just by writing one article.

If you’re handling a Facebook Ads account for a company, you can easily charge between 20,000 Rs. to 50,000 Rs. depending upon the ad-spend budget of the company.

So even if you handle just 3 accounts per month, you can easily earn anything between 60K to 1.5L per month as your digital marketing freelance income.

That’s more than what you could earn from a full-time job. Amazing, isn’t it?

These are just some of the digital marketing freelance rates that I discussed. There are tens and hundreds of different types of niche opportunities that you can offer to companies and individuals and work on your own terms!

If you’d like to explore the opportunity of freelancing, but do not quite yet have the digital marketing skills, you can have a look at the top 5 digital marketing courses in India.

Final words

Looking at the average salary of digital marketing in India, you might have definitely gotten attracted to this field and might want to pursue it as a career.

And it perhaps could be a life-changing decision for you.

Each and every company requires a digital marketing team and the opportunities are only bound to rise.

Hence, this might be the perfect time for you to get invested in the field and reap long term results out of it.

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