How to find email addresses from LinkedIn – Step by Step guide

LinkedIn has evolved to be one of the best tools for networking professionally and it has become one of the top choices for all B2B marketers to find email addresses from LinkedIn because of its high authenticity and conversion rates.

Finding emails from LinkedIn and then targeting them via your email marketing activities would be the best way to go.

This applies to job seekers as well. If you have the email address of the HR/team lead of the company you’re trying to get in, this guide to find the email address of a LinkedIn user would surely help.

Steps to find email addresses from LinkedIn

1. Browse through their profile to find emails

One of the most simple ways to extract email addresses from LinkedIn is to use the “Contact info” tab on your prospect’s profile.

Just head on the profile, click “contact info” and boom. You’ll have all the info you need.

Have a look at the example below. I am connected with Sanjay Shenoy, who is an SEO expert and founder of PixelTrackâ„¢ Digital.

find-email-addresses-from-linkedin linkedin-email-finder

Do make sure that you are connected with the person so as to get the maximum information out of this LinkedIn feature.

If they are not your 1st degree connection, chances are that you might not able to get their full contact information.

However, at times, even if you are connected with the person, there is a good chance that they might not have kept their email address visible to the public.

How to find email address of user on LinkedIn in such a scenario?

2. Using email extractor tool

Getprospect is an amazing and super easy tool to use that helps you find user’s email id from LinkedIn.

It is a chrome extension that does most of the job on its own.


All you have to do is sign up on, install the chrome extension, and log in to your LinkedIn profile.

Next step is to type in your search query.

For example below, I have made a search query of all the senior profiles in Hotstar. The results are as shown below.

Notice the ‘GP‘ button below the message tab.


You can cross the GP checkboxes of all the profiles you want to get in touch with via emails.

Once you’re done ticking the checkboxes, click on ‘save prospects‘.


Once you’re done saving prospects, they’ll appear in your get prospect dashboard within the list you have created. In general, the list automatically gets created even if you have not created one separately.

You can create as many lists as you want for ease of classification.

This is how your list would look like after using this email extractor


That’s it! As simple as that!

Now, you can either export this list to your email marketing tool if you want to automate your email outreach process


You can just simply copy-paste these email addresses and start reaching out to them individually.

I personally use this tool extensively to find email addresses from LinkedIn.

You might be wondering if this is a breach of privacy and if the tool is legal to use.

Well, let me tell you this. If it weren’t official, the tool wouldn’t have survived in the market for so long.

Thousands of LinkedIn users use the get prospect chrome extension all across the world.

Simply just filter your search, with location, company, experience (just to name a few), add them to your getprospect list, export, and just start reaching out to people.

The best part is that you do not have to beat around the bush to get connected to the relevant people or the decision-makers.

You directly get their touch-point and you’re good to go!

Final words

LinkedIn has revolutionized the way professionals get connected to each other.

With an increasing number of people understanding the importance of being active on the platform, the authenticity of profiles out there on the platform is only going to increase.

Hence, the kind of data you would get from the platform will certainly help you in your marketing/ outreach activities.

Email marketing being one of the best outreach methods, the steps discussed above would definitely be of huge help to you.

Do try them out and in case of any questions, please feel free to comment down below.

P.S. To get yourself discoverable on the platform, it is extremely important that you optimize your LinkedIn profile and increase the chance of people reaching out to you.

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