How to increase LinkedIn followers: 5 Step Guide

A Step-by-Step guide to increase LinkedIn followers

Did you know? There are about 675 million monthly active users on LinkedIn and only about 5% out of them create and engage with content on a daily basis. This 5% is your most important group of users which you should be focussing on. Now, how to Increase LinkedIn followers is the million-dollar question. We’ll discuss this in 5 easy to follow steps.

Step 1: The very first step to get followers on LinkedIn is to optimize your profile to the optimum level. You can follow the step-by-step guide on how to optimize your linkedin profile if you’re yet to do so.

Step 2: The second most important step to get more followers on LinkedIn is to create content

The great news is that since LinkedIn is still yet to get more active daily users, the organic reach of any content creation activity that you do on LinkedIn is still massive as compared to any other social network like Facebook or Instagram.

So what kind of content should you create to get LinkedIn followers?

  1. Story: Stories could be anything. They could be something happening around you, something you learned today, some sort of lesson you learned, etc. The amazing advantage of passing a message through a story is that people can easily relate to it. They feel they are seeing a part of your life. or the person in focus. For example, this is my story. How I left my job and started learning new things and how it is helping me grow. This was during the initial days of my LinkedIn activities when I hardly had about 250 connections and yet, this post crossed over 1300 views!                                                                     how-to-increase-linkedin-followers-1
  2. Opinions: Another way to create engagement on your profile via content which can lead to an increase in followers in LinkedIn is to put across your opinion about things, products, services, etc. It could be anything that you notice in day to day life. If you give an opinion related to something in your domain of work, that’d be even better. For example, here I am giving an example of how social media influencers promote products and services to their followers.                                           How-to-increase-linkedin-followers-2                                                                               
  3. Trendjacking: Trendjacking happens when people/brands notice that something is getting a lot of attention and try to leverage it for their own benefit. For example, the recent “BINOD” buzzword which went viral because of a video. A lot of brands used it including some big names such as PayTm and Netflix! I personally used the recent retirement of Indian Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni via a small piece of content. It got a massive engagement as we can see below:                     how-to-get-more-followers-on-LinkedIn

So these are basically 3 types of written content that work really well on LinkedIn. People ask me if it makes sense to “buy LinkedIn followers”. I just don’t get the point of it. Even if you buy out your followers, there just won’t be any sort of engagement on your posts whatsoever. No engagement means nobody would notice your content. Nobody notices your content means nobody would visit your profile. No profile visits = No opportunities from your potential client/ prospective employer!

Quick tip:

For written content, make sure you start with a very strong hook. If you notice in all the 3 pieces of content I have shown above, all of them start with a curiosity generator. For example, in the first one, I start with “I killed the virus” and left 3 blank lines below it (reason to leave blank lines is to make the user click the “see more” button on your content, which ultimately increases the time spent on your piece of content and makes the LinkedIn algorithm think that this piece of content is good as people are clicking the see more button to check the entire content out!). 😉

Also, make sure that you end your content with a CTA. At the end of every post, I ask the user about their thoughts or ask them to comment which furthermore increases the engagement with my post and ultimately it reaches more people. This happens because the moment a user comments on your post, their connections get a notification on their feed that they commented on this particular post and might lead them to check your post out and visit your profile! 🙂

Step 3: Engage with other people’s content

How would liking and commenting on other people’s content get me more followers on LinkedIn?

Well, when you like and comment, especially on the content of people who have a huge number of followers to their profile, it further increases your profile visibility. If your comment is interesting people are bound to like your comment as well. And if your comment is liked by a lot of people, then your comment might also stay at the top, thus increasing the chances of people visiting your profile! 😀

Step 4: Add relevant people in your field

Imagine you’re a Marketer and post content related to marketing and branding. Now imagine you have only finance professionals in your LinkedIn network. Do you think they will interact with your content? Will they like or comment? Of course, not! Why would they do it when the things you are talking about doesn’t interest them at all?

So it is of utmost importance to add people who are from your field or are your prospective customers or recruiters.

Now another thing is that people who have high followership, get tonnes of requests every day and chances are your connection request might go unnoticed. So how to tackle this?

Well, the answer is a Personalised Note along with the connection request you send.

Be it any person that I add, I  make sure that I add a personalized note along with the connection request. Most of my connection requests have always got accepted and it acts as an ice-breaker as well! Have a look at what I do:How-to-increase-linkedin-followers-4

Most of the time I get replies as well and the conversation starts naturally. You can use this as a template as well. You can also tweak your note by mentioning your common points like school, experience with past companies, etc. 🙂

Step 5: Give Value to increase LinkedIn followers

Always make sure that be it via your content or comments, you always deliver value. Do not comment just for the heck of it. If you comment something like “nice post”, “fantastic post” etc. you are just not adding any sort of value to the post and it won’t help you get followers on LinkedIn. Instead, comment with your views about the topic on which they have posted, some alternatives, or things that are related to the topic.

You can also tag a person who would find the piece of content useful. This is not going to benefit you, however, the person you tag might be benefitted and he might put across his views, which then can lead to a healthy discussion between you, the author, and the person you tagged.

When you create your own content, do make sure that you deliver value through that as well. Not necessary that you put only informational posts every day. There has to be a balance between informational and abstract content. For example, when Google came out with a feature to create a virtual business card, I came up with a tutorial as to how to do it in the form of a carousel. Here:


This was a 5 step process that I helped the connections with.

Phew! This was quite a long read, wasn’t it!

I would highly recommend that you follow this guide. I personally follow the same and I have seen it do wonders for me. Within a month I have grown from having 250 followers to about 1110 followers and the number is just going to increase. 🙂

I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below!

P.S. If you want to learn how to create your virtual business card on google, you can visit this link.


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