LinkedIn: You are a power searcher – What to do?

Welcome here, my friend! Seems like you too are a LinkedIn power searcher just like me and hungry for new leads! Well, high-five on that!

Everyone wants to connect with new people. Especially when you’re trying to generate new leads for your business and what better tool other than LinkedIn to get connected to business professionals?

You get to know about their background, their educational qualifications, their current job/business, and everything else that can help you convert your prospect into a customer!

It’s obvious that the larger the network, the greater the chances of finding a new prospect.

Hence you try adding more and more people, and then BOOM! LinkedIn strikes saying, Hey boy, looks like you’re a power searcher, please pay quickly and buy our LinkedIn Premium to search more people! 😛

Just like this:


What to do now eh?

Well, no need to worry because we have a quick workaround on this.

Once you are out of your LinkedIn search limit, you can use something called the “LinkedIn XRay Search” Tool.

What it does is, it uses google’s search engine to fetch URLs of profiles that you’re looking out for. And it uses Boolean search mechanism as well.

For example, if you’re looking for a Digital Marketer in San Fransisco, you can type in your search query in the tool as “Digital Marketer AND San Fransisco.

What it’ll do is, fetch you all Digital Marketers from the San Fransisco area and deliver the search results to you!

Here’s what your search query would look like:


As we can see, it has fetched about 54,800,000 results! How cool is that! 😀

Similarly, if you want Digital Marketers from San Fransisco and New York both, your search query would be “Digital Marketer AND San Fransisco OR New York” and it will display results accordingly!

To summarize, these are the steps you should follow to get unlimited LinkedIn searches:

  1. Google “LinkedIn XRay Search
  2. Click the Recruitment geek link which pops up
  3. Enter the search query as “Occupation AND Location”
  4. Start connecting from the search results!

There you go!

I hope this tool helps you out and I am pretty sure it will! I personally use it all the time! 🙂

Any questions, please feel free to drop in a comment below. I would be more than glad to help!

Until then,


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