The year is 2021 for Pawan Mer

It is the end of the year 2021.

Pawan Mer, a vegan food e-commerce platform and store owner Nature’s Walk™ has made his mark in the vegan food industry. Located in Juhu, the store has seen ever-increasing demand ever since it’s inception in March 2021. The store has about 500+ SKUs with quality being the top-most priority.

One can find the world’s top-notch vegan food brands under one roof with products ranging from nuts & seeds, to vegan butters, breads, ice-creams, chocolates to name a few. Nature’s Walk has also now started private-labeling and manufacturing products under their Nature’s Walk™ brand. Their “Sprouted Nuts & Seeds” range are one of its kind and are surely something to look out for with amazing health benefits such as ease of digestion, higher nutrition absorption, and zero bitter after taste.

Since its inception, the e-commerce platform and store have clocked a combined revenue of 2 CR INR in just a span of 6 months!

Pawan Mer hinted in a very subtle manner that they aim to open up 10 stores across the city in the coming year. With ever-increasing consciousness about animal-welfare amongst the people and the kind of service, quality, and value that they provide, we are sure that the brand is going to gain the traction that they aim to achieve!

We wish the best for their endeavors!

P.S. Occasionally one can even spot celebrities at the store! 🙂

To order online, visit their website www.natureswalk.in to order vegan food products at the convenience of getting it delivered at your doorsteps!